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Everest EVERPAD DC-709 7 1GB DDR3 1.0Ghz X2 8GB Dual Camera Bright Black Android 4.20 JellyB. Tablet Pc

Everest EVERPAD DC-709 7 1GB DDR3 1.0Ghz X2 8GB Dual Camera Bright Black Android 4.20 JellyB. Tablet Pc

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Everpad DC-709 with our future in its grasp. Everest Everpad DC-709 with greatly appreciated. 1.0 Ghz Dual Core, Android 4.2.2, 1GB RAM, 32 GB Memory can be upgraded up, 7" Screen, Wi-fi Automatic Orientation Detection and Touch Screen Feature (Capacitive Touch), 0.3 megapixel front camera, 0.3 Megapixel Back Camera, 2800 mAh Lion battery unique, MP3 / WMA / AC3 / WAV Playback Feature, You can not give up a product.

Everpad DC-709; With the dual-core processor, you will handle your transactions quickly and easily.

320 g it is very light weight and very Convenient. 

Everpad DC-709 Enjoy listening to music. Amazing sound quality and high volume.

Everpad DC-709; 7.” the screen is preferable that they have the appropriate size. 19.1 cm long, 11.5 cm in width and 11.4 mm thickness can easily carry in your bag, you can use whenever you want. DC-709 has a sleek design with the elegance and technology is always ahead of its competitors.

Everpad DC-709 You can download the game as you want at no charge from the Google Play Store. You can easily express yourself on social networks, text messaging and can share information. Through to its great sensitivity to Everpad will understand how time passes while playing.

Everpad DC-709 keep in touch with friends through social media.

Everest Everpad DC-709 You can use either as your vertical horizontal as you want. DC-709 technology has come to your feet the summit is an awesome product. Enjoy using through to the horizontal and vertical precision of sensors.

Everpad DC-709 Enjoy watching videos and without the battery shortage.

It is very easy to connect with other devices. It allows easy connection to USB.

Everpad  DC-709 With the capacitive touch capability can easily examine the newspaper, you can read without difficulty looking at your mail.

Everpad DC-709  It will impress you with its capacitive touch-sensitive 7" screen.

Everpad DC-709’ You can check yourself in front camera lıke mirror and the amount needed and loved ones without anyone can do easily with VIDEO chat.

Everpad DC-709; 8 GB memory SD card with 32 GB memory can be upgraded.

Everpad DC-709 speaks the same language as you. Mail writing, while laying message or a chat with a mutual ÅŸ, ü, ç, ÄŸ  etc, Pull difficulty to writing letters for keyboard, it leads to misunderstandings in some situations. Here Everpad DC-709 keyboard that you want thanks to the Turkish property freely and provide accurate writing ability. Designed specifically for Turkey, Everpad DC-709 will love.

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Brand Everest
Model EVERPAD DC-709
Feature Dual Camera Bright Black
Description Android 4.20 JellyB. Tablet Pc
Processor 1.0Ghz X2
Capacity 8GB
Ebat 7



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