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Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video HDMI H.960 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder

Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video HDMI H.960 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder

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4 channles 960h display and playback,with vga,ptz,1ch audio,with remote controller and mouse,with HDMI,2A adaptor,european plug.3G,WIFI supported

Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video NVR+Analog Support 960H 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder System; It provides worth to your home and your work place by giving Protection 7/24. Keep an eye it left behind all designed in the image and audio recording device attached to your camera and record that the environment and helps to prevent threats to your safety. HV-9604H which is a nightmare for thieves' s and anyone could not escape from memory. You can connect your 4 cameras to 4 Camera devices. Through its easy management panel may examine the records and images you can watch again and again. You can connect your camera easily with AHD, IP, Analog recorder.

 Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video AHD+NVR+Analog Support 960H 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder System; H.264 MPEG-4 / AVC format has a video recording feature can record images in a lossless manner. 4 devices let you record an audio video in the camera by connecting 4 cameras. Self-Adaptive RJ45 10/100 Base-T can adapt quickly to your network via the Ethernet port. With motion detection feature allows more efficient use of your storage space by preventing the unnecessary loss of image. You can control whether you want to control with the mouse device. If you have camera control Dome you can connect your camera to your device through the PTZ feature. Everest HV-9604H in the way you want, you can use the VGA and HDMI output according to your request.

Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video AHD+NVR+Analog Support 960H 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder System; Controls included in the package contents, due to control your mouse and your device will be easier to perform your operation, these devices will save you time. Everest HV-9604H 1 SATA HDD has a capacity of 3TB.


Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video AHD+NVR+Analog Support 960H 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder System; The background of the device is designed in a very simple and understandable manner. With the input and output ports, explanatory articles placed on the environment has become more easy and simple installation for you. You can output the image transfer request to the appropriate image transfer due to 3 different outputs

Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video AHD+NVR+Analog Support 960H 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder System; 250x45mm in size and designed in an elegant aesthetic formEverest HV-9604H is a feature has been designed with minimal size to respond fully to your needs visually.

Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video AHD+NVR+Analog Support 960H 1Ch Audio DVR Recorder System; 28 languages support available, Your first installation of the device in the Turkish language support is available with the device allows you to ease your installation directing the Turkish language. Everest HV-9604H offers you extensive connectivity options and connect to compatible devices to your request headset 7/24 in yourself makes you feel safe.

Model NVR Model Everest HV-9604H 4Ch Video HDMI H.960 1Ch Audio DVR Recording System
Everest HV-9604H
Motherboard models  
Visualization Processor Type Industrial grade embedded micro processors Huawei Hisilicon chipset in 3515A
Operating System Embedded LINUX operating system
Visualization Synchronous multi-channel real-time recording, real-time multi-channel playback,
Multi-channel multi-user network operation, USB Backup
interfaces Operation Interface 16-bit true color GUI interface support
Language Option 28 Language Option
Screen 1/4 Screen
Video Record Type H.264(Main Profile)
Screen resolution Monitor:D1; VGA & HDMI: (1920*1080,1280*1024,1440*900,1280*720,1024*768)
Playback Resolution 960H/D1/HD1/CIF
Encode capability 4 Channel 960H @ 12fps / 4 channel D1 (15 fps) / 4-channel real-time D1
Decode capability 4 Channel 960H @ 12fps / 4 channel D1 (15 fps) / 2 + 2 channel D1 real-time channel D1 real-time notes
Audio Audio Compression Type G.711A
Recording and Playback Recording Modes Manually, alarm, motion detection, schedule
Instant Photos No
Local Playback 1ch– 4ch
Video Search Criteria Time, Date, Event, Channel Search
Storage and Backup Storage Size Video: CIF 4 ~ 5G / day x 1 channel 1; D1 16 ~ 20g / day x 1 Channel 1, 960H: 9-42G / day x 1 channel 1; Audio: 691.2M / day x 1 Channel 1
Video Storage Local Hard Drive, Network
Backup Mode Over the network backup, backup via USB, USB DVD-RW
Arabirim Video input 4 channel BNC(1.0Vp-p, 75Ω)
Video output 1 channel BNC(1.0Vp-p, 75Ω), 1 channel GA, 1ch HDMI
Audio Input 4 Channel RCA(200-2800mV,30KΩ)
Audio Output 1 Channel RCA(200-3000mV,5KΩ)/1 channel HDMI audio output
Alarm Input ------------
Alarm output ------------
Ethernet Input 1 RJ-45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port
PTZ control 1 RS485 port, 20 also it supports more protocols
USB Input 2 USB 2.0 port
HDD Input 1 SATA HDD can be fixed (1 HDD içi max. capacity 3TB)
wireless 3G & WIFI (externally as USB)
Users Users Admin / User
User Authorization Permissions can be set for different users (see the User's, Manual)
Password Planning Available
Supports Remote Independent Remote Control Available
Register Downloads Available
Remote Event Trigger Recording Available
CMS CMS Software for multiple DVR (up to 255 channels simultaneously)
Scanner Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
On-line user A maximum of 10 user support
Mobile Software Available (Support iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian vs Android, iPad, iPhone, Andriod has remote playback function)
Network protocols DHCP, PPPOE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, EMAIL, IP authority, IP search, Alarm center
Other IR Remote Control Remote IR transmitter via DVR PTZ camera control (IR receiver built-in)
Remote control Avaiable
Cooling Fan No
Tour Avaiable
Power Value (± 10%) DC 12V / 2A
Power Consumption (± 10%) <10W (including HDD)
Operating temperature 0?~ +55?
Humidity 10%-90%
Atmospheric pressure 86kpa-106kpa
Dimensions 250mm(D)* 210mm(G)* 45mm(Y)
System Recovery System auto recovery before the power failure
Package NW 0.88kg±0.1kg
Foreign Box Dimensions 358mm(D)* 83mm(G)* 270mm(Y)
Package Size  pcs/carton:440mm(D)* 375mm(G)*285mm(Y) ;       10pcs/carton:440mm(D)* 375mm(G)*565mm(Y) ;
GW 5pcs/carton:7.0jkg±0.5kg;       10pcs/carton:13.5kg±0.5kg;

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Brand Everest
Model HV-9604H
Image Channel 4Ch Image
Codec HDMI H.960
Audio Channel 1Ch Audio
Description DVR Recorder



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