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Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case

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Everest Rampage

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Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case; Gaming properties are equipped with 2X 2.5" HDD, 2X 3.5" HDD, 1X 5.25" DVD-RW, Micro SD & TF and 5X 120mm Fan slot for providing a cooling system. 2x120mm fan mounted in the case. Also in our safe 2x2.5 "HDD, SSD slot allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously and allows easy installation. The most important for you which can make your time by speed data transfer with USB 3.0 port and Recognise your transactions more efficient use of facilities can be done quickly and smoothly.

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case; Easy access and input socket located on the chassis has become more useful your enclosure. Easily coffers microphone, you can connect your headset device. Enjoy fast data transfer with USB 3.0 input. You can save your time with two devices at the same time with the advantage of 3 USB ports, there may shorten your processing time during data transfer. It allows you to and other additives that easy data transferring with TF & Micro SD card slots.

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case; Gaming case system is producing high temperature is high-performance products. To resolve this problem, through its special interior design of XCUBE to transfer heat out of every term and provide maximum cooling. Mesh outer cover through case in which the temperature is easily exported. It provides extra cooling performance grid which is designed for air transfer on the side portion.

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case;  Cable passing from the back of your motherboard Located in safe passage through the cable channel disorder on the minimum level and allows you to reduce obstacle to visual pollutionIn addition to contact with the fan located in the casing of the cable eliminates the possibilityDecorate the outside of this beautiful landscape of visual content through a transparent window in the side door of your case.

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case;  It includes any cables designed for safe input and outputs outside to inside out Box, Your cable through 2 special devices can switch easily unharmed. The box cover is removable by hand without requiring screws to fitting and removed easily screwdriver is used. 

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case; XCUBE is designed for a minimum useful size to a maximum height features are designed with care so that it can fit. Your indispensable gaming case designed with rubber at the bottom of the footrest portion prevents slippage. In addition, as a step ahead of their performance at an affordable price compared to another case.

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case; At the top of the chassis with full Motherboard placed parallel on special 120mm fan slots can create a perfect cooling system in your case. You can perform easily with portable cover at the top of the fan can follow the overall progress, you can perform cleaning operations easily. 

Everest Rampage XCUBE Black 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0 Case; On the bottom surface of your case has been designed to transfer air through filters that can be mounted on the outside of the portable grid, it prevents dust from entering into the enclosure and provides a healthy cooling. This can easily disassemble and clean the filter at any time.

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Brand Everest Rampage
Color Black
Feature 2*12cm Fan Usb3.0
Description Case



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