About Us


Segment was established in 2003 in Istanbul Mecidiyeköy. In its product portfolio, it imports audio systems, casings, network products, speaker varieties, cable and other multimedia products with its own brands or uses its own original brands. Segment The main brands that the computer hosts are Everest, Rampage, Microlab, Cooler Master, CM Storm, Mikado, Snopy, S-link, Asonic, Energizer, Evercool, Eiffel, FSP, Hytech, Nzxt, Silver Crest, Xclio, Xigmatek and Zalman . Our company is in contact with the leading companies of Turkey and distributes the products mostly through these companies. These companies provide all kinds of logistic support.


Vision & Mission


We believe that competition between companies is not only about price, but also about quality and service. Our goal is not to enlarge our share of the pastry but to introduce the sector to new products and enlarge the cake. We aim to contribute to the development of the sector by always acting in cooperation with our solution partners and competitors in the sector.